Drought Information

Drought Information

Each month, we will provide our customers and the community in Regional NSW with relevant water storage and drought information.

WaterNSW customers experiencing financial difficulties due to drought

The current drought is leading to tough times for many right now. Even if the drought isn’t impacting you, it’s probably affecting someone you know.

As part of the NSW Government’s Emergency Drought Relief Package, WaterNSW customers will receive an automatic rebate as a credit on their bill for 2020/21. This will be the third consecutive year the rebate has been applied.

For Regulated customers, the rebate will once again be applied as credits of up to $1000 to your 2019/20 quarter 4 bill and 2020/21 quarter 1 to 3 bills. Whilst customers will still be charged for the water used as normal, there is a rebate of fixed charges on general security licences up to $4000 in total, over equal payments. In addition to this, High Security licence holders in the Peel, Lower Namoi and Border Rivers valleys are also eligible for this rebate and will be applied to your 2020/21 quarter 1 to quarter 4 bills. If you are an Unregulated or Groundwater customer, this rebate will be applied to your 2019/20 bill. If you have any questions about the rebate awarded by the NSW Government, call our Customer Service Centre on 1300 662 077.

Customers who are having difficulty paying their WaterNSW bill should get in touch as we have a range of options that may be of help.

For mental health and welfare concerns contact:


The Salvation Army

St Vincent de Paul Society


Monday 21 September
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Monday 21 September