Weekly verified storage reports

Weekly verified storage reports

At WaterNSW, we are continuously improving how we provide data to our customers, communities and stakeholders. While, previously we reported daily but verified weekly, we now verify Greater Sydney dam levels every day before we publish this information via our website in order to provide accurate and timely information to our customers.

Due to this, we no longer need to have a weekly verified storage and supply webpage or weekly report.

Instead, we are replacing the weekly report with a new monthly Greater Sydney Operations Report which highlights the most significant issues that have occurred throughout the month, including the rainfall we have received in our catchments.

You can find our first monthly WaterNSW Greater Sydney Operations Report on the Greater Sydney Dam Levels webpage.

Please note: this webpage will be decommissioned in June 2020.

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Tuesday 02 June
2,123,256 ML
2,596,150 ML
9,289 ML
1,327 ML
-1,948 ML
Tuesday 02 June