Southern Coatings Program

Southern Coatings Program

About the project

  • Located at Weirs along the Murrumbidgee and Murray Rivers.
  • $10m restoration project started in April 2019 and is scheduled to finish by the end of 2020.
  • This restoration work involves recoating weir superstructures and gates.
  • Work sites include Stevens Weir, Berembed Weir, Gogeldrie Weir, Maude Weir and Redbank Weir.
  • Weirs will be closed to the public during this essential restoration work.
  • RMP are delivering the work packages, on behalf of WaterNSW


The Murrumbidgee River is a major tributary of the Murray River within the Murray–Darling basin. WaterNSW manages the weirs and assets along the river to supply water for agriculture, town supplies, industry and domestic requirements, environmental flows, flood mitigation and recreation. As part of a restoration program, some of the key weirs are due to be recoated so they continue to meet contemporary standards into the future.


  • Ensure contemporary standards are met
  • These works occur once every 20 years and have been bought forward during drought times when levels are low to reduce impact to customers in future years.
  • Improve the amenity of weirs
  • Economic benefits from sourcing suppliers and subcontractors locally

Operations during the upgrades

The restoration work is being done on WaterNSW lands however public access to the weirs will be closed during the restoration works for safety reasons. There are no expected impacts on water delivery to customers and communities with the main work being timed for outside of the irrigation season and in the winter months.  Where work does impact on stakeholders and the community WaterNSW is committed to informing them about the work and ensuring minimal disruptions. We are communicating with customers, local residents, communities and stakeholders who may be impacted by the restoration work.

Project schedule

  • Redbank Weir - Closed end of April 2019 to September 2020
  • Berembed Weir – Completed and now open
  • Stevens Weir - Closed October  2019 to December 2020
  • Maude Weir - Closed end of February 2020 to the end of January 2021
  • Gogeldrie Weir - Closed end of April 2020 to the end of January 2021.

*Note that these closure end dates are subject to weather conditions.

Contact details

Project Manager: Mikel Barbara
Phone: 1300 662 077


Friday 18 June
2,480,585 ML
2,581,850 ML
9,256 ML
1,323 ML
-782 ML
Friday 18 June