Cookes Weir Removal

Cookes Weir Removal

About the project

Cookes Weir is located on the Richmond River 12 kilometres up stream of Jabour Weir. Jabour Weir wall was raised in 1976 and now pools water to within 20mm of Cookes Weir pool. Cookes Weir drop boards have been removed from the central drop board bay since 2009, meaning the weir hasn’t been impounding water and its removal will have no impact on upstream water levels and water users.

Cookes Weir is one of only two remaining barriers to fish passage on the mainstem Richmond River, and removal will improve fish passage to over 250 kilometres of key upstream aquatic habitat in the Richmond River, increasing native fish populations and delivering on a key action under the NSW Marine Estate Management Strategy.


Cookes Weir Removal will:

  • improve over 250 kilometres of key upstream aquatic habitat in the Richmond River
  • have no impact on upstream water levels and water users
  • not change current Water Access Licences
  • improve water safety for boat users along the Richmond River.

Community consultation

WaterNSW understands the importance of the river to the community and want to contribute to the improvement of the aquatic environment for all users.

Community consultation with all stakeholders has been through notifications and online communications. Regular updates for this project will be available via this project website page.

Project schedule

The removal of Cookes Weir is dependent on weather conditions and water levels in the river.

The planned timeline for the project is as follows:

  • Site mobilisation – September 2021
  • Deconstruction of weir starts – 20 September 2021
  • Project completion – November 2021.

The works will take place during standard construction hours from Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm, and Saturday 7am to 5pm.

Contact details

For more information about Cookes Weir removal email us at or call 1300 662 077.

Project Manager: Rod Nicklen

NSW Government

Cookes Weir removal was funded by the NSW Government under the Marine Estate Management Strategy. The ten-year Strategy was developed by the NSW Marine Estate Management Authority to coordinate the management of the marine estate.


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