Gwydir Priority Catchment Project

Gwydir Priority Catchment Project

The Gwydir Valley

Gwydir project

The Gwydir River is a major inland regulated river of the Barwon catchment in the Murray Darling Basin in New South Wales.

The Gwydir River system is regulated by Copeton Dam (1,364 GL) and the Horton River is the main tributary downstream of Copeton Dam.

This system supplies water for irrigation, stock and domestic, town water supply and industrial purposes. Copeton Dam also provides environmental releases to the Ramsar-listed Gwydir Wetlands near Moree and irrigation and environmental flows for hydro-electric power generation (21 MW).

About the Project

The Gwydir Valley has been identified in the NSW State Infrastructure Strategy as a priority catchment for improved irrigation drought security.

WaterNSW will investigate the potential options, or groups of options to improve drought security related issues in the valley.

Outcomes of the study will be detailed in a preliminary business case and submitted to Infrastructure NSW for the NSW Strategic Gateway review process.

Reason for the investigation

Due to low water security in the valley, the study will identify and define the scale of the issue in Gwydir Valley and provide the most suitable solutions.

By evaluating the effects of low water supply security on the region’s social, environmental and economic aspects WaterNSW can then provide an optimal mix of options, including asset and non-build options.

Gwydir Valley community and stakeholders will be consulted during the project and informed of the assessment of options for feedback.

Project timeline

The project is planned to take one year to complete and will then be submitted to Infrastructure NSW.

August 2018

  • Establish the Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG)

September-December 2018

  • SRG Consultation and liaison
  • Develop a shortlist of options


  • Submit preliminary business case to NSW Government for relevant Gateway Review process

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