Metropolitan Dams Electrical Upgrades

Metropolitan Dams Electrical Upgrades

About the project

  • Located at five Metropolitan Dams of the Upper Nepean system – Avon Dam, Cataract Dam, Cordeaux Dam, Nepean Dam, Woronora Dam and also Nepean to Avon Tunnel.
  • Project involves electrical upgrades to continue meeting contemporary safety standards at assets and recreation areas.
  • Downer won the tender to undertake the electrical upgrades which started in December 2017.


The Metropolitan Dams supply up to 30% of Sydney’s drinking water and are vital in ensuring high quality water is supplied to Sydney and the Illawarra. Since the dams were constructed only minor upgrades to the electrical systems have taken place. This work is upgrading various electrical, control, instrumentation and communication assets to improve operation and reliability of these services. This includes removing some overhead electrical cables and improving facilities onsite including picnic areas.


  • Improve reliability, operation and efficiency of the various assets across the dams
  • Provide more reliable power supplies to barbecue areas in picnic areas at the dams
  • This project will create approximately 15 jobs and deliver benefits to the local communities

Operations during the upgrades

Dams will continue to operate as normal.For safety reasons public access to the dam wall and surrounding recreation area may be closed at times when construction work is taking place within the vicinity.

If it is the case that a dam site needs to be closed to the public every effort will be made to ensure that visitors can access another picnic area at a dam nearby.

WaterNSW recommends that visitors check the dam website page to check for closures when planning a visit to the Metropolitan Dams.

Project schedule

  • 2017 December - upgrade commenced at Nepean Dam
  • 2018 July - upgrade commenced at Avon Dam
  • 2018 September – upgrade commenced at Woronora Dam
  • 2018 November– upgrade commenced at Cordeaux Dam
  • 2019 April - upgrade commenced at Cataract Dam
  • Early 2020 - upgrades completed

Media Releases

Contact details

Project Manager: Mark Hately
Phone: 1300 662 077


Thursday 21 January
2,402,196 ML
2,581,850 ML
11,108 ML
1,587 ML
-21,780 ML
Thursday 21 January