Greater Sydney Bridges

Greater Sydney Bridges

About the project

WaterNSW owns and maintains over 120 road bridge structures in the Greater Sydney area that provide access to and around WaterNSW major Dam and Water Supply assets. As supporting infrastructure, the upgrading of the road bridges will assist with the operations of our major assets to deliver high quality water to nearly 5.5 million people in the Greater Sydney region.

As part of the ongoing maintenance and safety upgrade program, 16 bridges will be upgraded in the Stage 1 Program commencing April 2019. Upgrades to the bridges will ensure that current Work Health and Safety (WHS) Standards and Heritage requirements are being met.

During the Stage 1 Program, various bridges along the Upper Canal, Prospect Reservoir, Woronora Dam, Cordeaux Dam, Avon Dam, Warragamba Dam and Wingecarribee Reservoir will be upgraded. Planning for future upgrade Programs to the remaining bridges will continue and will be scheduled in future Stages.

Select Civil/Cardno will be undertaking the current Stage 1 Program for the road bridge upgrades on behalf of WaterNSW. Project completion is scheduled for the end of 2022.


  • Improve safety standards to major structures and access to WaterNSW assets
  • Preserve the heritage significant structures and surroundings
  • This project will create approximately 50 jobs and deliver benefits to the local communities

During the upgrade

Road bridges provide access to WaterNSW major assets. WaterNSW staff and contractors access these bridges regularly for operations and maintenance purposes. Some road bridges are publicly accessible providing access to private property or recreational areas at the dam sites.

During the works there may be increased traffic movements, localised noise and dust impacts.

Road bridges will need to be closed during various stages of the project when construction activities are considered to increase risk to safety. Every effort will be made to provide notice to affected stakeholders and where possible an alternate access route will be identified. Signage and traffic management will be in-place prior to any works starting.

Current closures to road bridges and dam sites

  • For the final stage of the upgrade, Prospect Reservoir Spillway Bridge will close again on 27 April to end of June 2022 when the works will be completed.

Project schedule

  • February 2019 – Project award
  • April 2019 – Construction to start on the bridge over Wingecarribee Reservoir, Shoalhaven area
  • January 2020 – Construction to start on the Upper Canal Bridges
  • June 2020 – Construction continued to the bridge at West Hoxton, Austral
  • July 2020 – Construction to start on the bridge over the Nepean River at Avon Dam
  • April 2022 - Final stage of construction to start on the Prospect Spillway bridge
  • End of 2022 – Project due for completion

Contact details

For more information about the upgrades or to enquire about any of the project activities contact us or call 1300 662 077.

Project Manager: Khanittha Poonbua


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