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Burrendong temperature control structure

Burrendong temperature control structure

The Burrendong temperature control curtain is not currently operational due to some critical component failures. WaterNSW is assessing the possible repair options. It should be noted that any repair work will be difficult to complete at current storage levels due to the nature of the curtain, current operational release requirements of the storage, and limited visibility and access difficulties associated with deep water.

About the project

  • CWP intake tower diagramLocated at Burrendong Dam, near Wellington in NSW
  • Cost of $3.4 to 4.0 million
  • Concept design funded by NSW Rivers Environmental Restoration Program
  • Investigation, design and construction funded half by the NSW Government and half by WaterNSW customers
  • Installation commenced January 2014
  • Project completed July 2014


Cold water pollution can occur when cold water from the bottom of a dam is released into the river. This can have a negative impact on native fish species. WaterNSW is working to mitigate the effects of cold water pollution as part of its ongoing efforts to reduce environmental impacts of operations.

The project involved construction of a floating-curtain temperature control structure around the intake tower at Burrendong Dam. The flexible structure sits just below the water level to allow warmer surface water to be released downstream through the outlet valve. The curtain can move up and down with the water level via a chain and pulley mechanism to function regardless of the water level of the dam.


The curtain is designed to reduce the effects of cold water being released downstream on native fish species in the Macquarie River. The temperature control curtain is designed to release warm water from the surface of the dam to allow the water downstream to be in a range more habitable for native fish. By restoring temperatures in the river the project is set to improve the ecology of the river which is temperature dependent.

Project schedule

  • Project completed July 2014
  • Complete design and fabrication and commence installation January 2014
  • Award contract June 2013
  • Call tenders for design, fabrication and installation February 2013
  • Call expressions of interest for design, fabrication and installation September 2012
  • Structural assessment of the intake tower awarded to AMOG consulting February 2012
  • Review of environmental factors contract awarded to Molino Stewart September 2011
  • Concept design completed June 2011

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