Amend an approval

Amend an approval

To ensure your approval is correct, it's your responsibility to confirm that your approval matches the works listed.

Mandatory metering requirements will be required from 1 April 2019 for all new approvals meeting the threshold and in a staged manner for all existing approval holders.

Holders now have the option to make a work inactive to be exempt from the mandatory metering requirements and the option to reactivate an inactive work when the work is required to be used again.

Apply to amend an approval for inactive and active works

You can apply to amend an approval for inactive and active works (PDF, 208.84 KB) to:

  • specify the work is inactive
  • make the work active (withdraw the inactive status).

Make a work inactive

An approval holder may not be using an authorised work/s to take water for a number of reasons, including:

  • They have stopped (either permanently or temporarily) carrying out the activity which required water supplies.
  • They are taking water from a different water supply work.

In this case the approval holder may choose to apply to amend their work as ‘inactive’, so they do not need to comply with any mandatory condition on the approval that metering equipment be installed, used and properly maintained.

An approval may specify that the authorised work is ‘inactive’ if:

  • the work was constructed to take water from a surface water source, such as a river or lake, and
  • the work is not capable of taking water.

If an approval specifies that the authorised work is inactive, the approval will include a condition prohibiting the work from being used to take water.

It is an offence to use a water supply work to take water when it is prohibited by a condition of the approval.

For unregulated and groundwater customers, the One Part Tariff charge rate will apply for an approval with an inactive work status.

The approval holder can apply to withdraw this ‘inactive’ status at any time.

Alternatively, approval holders who have permanently stopped using an authorised water supply work to take water may choose to decommission the work and surrender the approval. Once the approval is surrendered it will be cancelled and cannot be re-activated.

Make a work active

The 'inactive' status can be withdrawn by amending the approval to become an active work.

An approval holder can only make a work/s active if the work/s are listed as 'inactive' on the approval.

To make a work active, you will need to provide evidence that your work is metered in accordance with the regulatory requirements, including;

  • the meter is pattern approved
  • was installed by a Duly Qualified Person
  • copy of the certificate accompanied with the application to withdraw the inactive status.

If the water supply work approval work is active, the approval holder must comply with any mandatory condition on the approval that metering equipment be installed, used and properly maintained.

Reduce pump size

An approval holder can apply for the amendment of their existing work approval to correct the size of a pump.

Mandatory metering requirements introduced in the NSW non-urban water metering framework provide metering thresholds. Therefore, if your pump meets the threshold, you will have to meet the mandatory conditions. More information about metering thresholds.

For more information, you can visit the NSW Water Reform Action Plan website or contact the customer service team at WaterNSW to discuss your approval.


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