Transfer access licence

Transfer access licence

NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS) application form: Transfer form W-01T  (PDF 27.72 KB)

A Water Access Licence (WAL) may be transferred in accordance with Section 71M of the Water Management Act 2000.

You can use a transfer dealing for the following purposes:

  • transfer a WAL to a new holder
  • transfer a holding in a WAL to a new holder
  • change the tenancy arrangements between existing holders.

A WAL or a holding in a WAL can be sold or transferred as part of a property settlement or as an independent asset.

Consent from WaterNSW is not required other than as provided by the Water Management (General) Regulation 2011: the transfer (sale) must be registered, with the consent of security interest holders, with NSW LRS once the transaction is complete.

If you want to use a WAL at a new location within the water source specified in the WAL, you will need to apply to change the zone and/or nominated work on the WAL. For more information, go to Changing a WAL.

When can the buyer extract water?

The seller may agree to allow the buyer to take water during the period between settlement and registration (the post-settlement period). The seller will need to provide the buyer with written authorisation.

If the WAL is on a regulated river system or major inland groundwater system, it is up to the buyer to lodge this authorisation with WaterNSW. This authorisation does not entitle the buyer to sell the WAL's water allocation to another WAL holder or conduct other dealings during the post-settlement period.

When is the transfer complete?

The transfer of the WAL is complete and becomes legally effective only when it is registered on the WAL Register by NSW LRS. Until this happens, the seller remains the holder of the WAL.

Search for transfers

Use the NSW Water Register to search for statistics on WAL transfers by water source or WAL number.


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