Application form: Subdividing a Water Access Licence (WAL)

A WAL can be subdivided to create two or more new WALs. This may be for trading purposes or in preparation for sale. For both options, the same application form is used.

You may want to split a WAL to sell part of the WAL, while keeping the other part, or divide the WAL for inheritance purposes or as part of divorce arrangements.

In subdividing the WAL into separate licences, you will need to consider:

  • how the share component will be divided
  • how the water allocation and, where applicable, the carryover water in the existing water account will be distributed
  • the impact of delayed registration on the distribution of account water, for example new water year and timing of available water determinations.

For more information, see dealings process and Guide to the application to subdivide, or to subdivide and change a WAL (PDF, 673.94 KB). If you have any questions, contact the Customer Helpdesk on 1300 662 077 or email


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