Exit from a co-held licence

Exit from a co-held licence

Application form: Apply to exit from a co-held Water Access Licence (WAL)

What is a co-held WAL?

A WAL can be held by one or more holders.

Where there are multiple holders of the same WAL:

  • the WAL is 'co-held'
  • the holders of the co-held WAL are referred to as 'co-holders'
  • each co-holder has a 'holding' in the co-held WAL, which is their share of the entitlements conferred by the WAL.

Holdings in a co-held WAL are similar to the co-ownership of property, such as when two or more persons own a landholding. The holdings in the WAL may be held as joint tenants or tenants in common.

Can a holding be separated from a co-held WAL?

Yes. A holding in a co-held WAL, which is held as tenants in common, can be separated from the original WAL to create a new WAL. The original WAL is not cancelled but is reduced to account for the exited holdings.

This transaction is referred to as exiting from a co-held WAL, and is a dealing under section 74 of the Water Management Act 2000.

This dealing achieves the same outcome as subdivision and transfer dealings, but in one transaction with one application fee.

Typically, this dealing will be used to facilitate a member of a former joint authority exiting the jointly held WAL.


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