Allocation assignment

Allocation assignment

The current water allocation available under a Water Access Licence (WAL) can be sold. The sale does not affect future water allocations which accrue to the WAL. This allows the holder to sell water in their water allocation account that is surplus to their immediate needs or to buy water to meet a short-term requirement.

If you do not hold a WAL, you can apply to WaterNSW for a new WAL with a share component of zero units. The buyer must hold a WAL to purchase allocation water.

Water allocation assignments can occur:

  • within a regulated and unregulated river water source in NSW
  • in major inland groundwater systems subject to water sharing plans
  • between the Murrumbidgee, Murray and Lower Darling regulated river systems
  • interstate to and from the Murrumbidgee, Murray and Lower Darling Rivers.

Application forms

To apply for surface water, groundwater, regulated and unregulated water assignments, go to Allocation assignment.

Search the NSW Water Register for trading statistics on water allocation assignments and processing times for applications.

What if I want water for more than one season?

If you want water for more than one season, you could consider a term transfer of a WAL. If you want a permanent arrangement, you could investigate either the purchase of a WAL or share component of a WAL.

How do I apply?

For interstate assignments, you will need to complete the WaterNSW form as well as the required application form for the other state. If the water allocation is being moved into NSW, the forms should be submitted to WaterNSW. If the water is being moved out of NSW, the forms need to be lodged with the relevant department in the destination state – either the Lower Murray Urban and Rural Water Corporation in Victoria or the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources in South Australia.

For the application to be processed, it must:

  • include details of both the seller and the buyer
  • be signed by all holders of the WALs
  • ensure that all bills for water charges or fees have been paid.

There is a fee which is to be submitted with the application form. For an interstate assignment, the other state's department will also charge an application fee.


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