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Basic water rights

Basic water rights

There are three types of basic landholder rights in NSW under the Water Management Act 2000:

  • Domestic and stock rights
    Owners or occupiers of land overlaying an aquifer or has river, estuary or lake frontage can take water without a licence for domestic (household) purposes or to water stock.    
  • Harvestable rights – dams
    Harvestable right water allows landholders in most rural areas to collect a proportion of the runoff on their property and store it in one or more farm dams up to a certain size.  
  • Native Title
    Anyone who holds native title with respect to water, as determined under the Commonwealth Native Title Act 1993, can take and use water for a range of personal, domestic and non-commercial purposes.  

How much water do I need?

To find out how much water you'll need for your stock, domestic and general farming needs go to How much water do I need?

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