Licence Conversion

Licence Conversion

When a water sharing plan commences, the Water Management Act 2000 takes effect and most entitlements previously issued under the Water Act 1912 are immediately replaced with:

  • a water access licence (WAL) (where a prior licence has more than one 'purpose', a separate WAL will be created with a corresponding 'category')
  • a water supply work approval for the operation of all works associated with taking, storing or using water accessed via a WAL (e.g. for pumps, dams, bores, etc)
  • a water use approval (this is not required for uses such as domestic, stock or some industrial purposes).

The Water Management Act creates a clearly defined entitlement that is separate from land ownership. The entitlement to access water is also separated from the approvals associated with water supply works and the use of water. For more information, please see Water access licences and Approvals.

Within one month of commencement of a water sharing plan, the majority of WALs are uploaded to the WAL Register administered by NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS). Licence holders are then notified of the commencement of the water sharing plan and their WALs and approvals.

Please continue to comply with the conditions of your former licence until you receive a copy of your replacement WAL or approval with new conditions.

Conversion of prior Water Act 1912 licences with commencement of water sharing plans

For detailed information, go to Guide to the conversion of water licences to WALs and approvals (PDF, 397.05 KB) or refer to the key steps diagram ( PDF, 464.69 KB).

For information about WALs and certificates, go to Water access licences.

Please see the complete list of commenced water sharing plans where water entitlements have been separated from land.


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