Constructing a Bore

Constructing a Bore

Groundwater is a complex and often very fragile resource which plays an important role in natural ecosystems.

Groundwater sources (also known as aquifers) can be accessed by different works such as a bore, well, spear point or excavation. An approval must be held to construct any of these works.

Why is an approval required?

Licensing groundwater works, and monitoring the levels of extraction, helps us to sustainably manage our groundwater sources, protecting their quality and the ecosystems that depend on them.

Data gained from drilling a bore is collated in a database of groundwater works in NSW which provides information on the location, quantities and quality of water in the aquifer and the local geology.

Existing groundwater records

Records on existing groundwater works, including bores, wells and excavations can be found at Australian Groundwater Explorer and Real Time Data.

Applying for a groundwater approval

The Water Management Act 2000 requires landholders to hold:

Engaging a driller

If you are engaging a driller, you are responsible for ensuring that the bore is drilled by a person who holds a current NSW driller's licence. Additionally, the licence class must be appropriate for the type of drilling to be undertaken.

For information on water access licence dealings in water sources managed by groundwater sharing plans, go to Dealings and trade.



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