Customer forms

Customer forms

Water orders

Allocation assignment

An allocation assignment is an application to trade or move water from one licence to another, between your licences or selling water through a broker. To temporarily assign water for this water season, please complete the assignment form for your water type, using the Form 71 links below.

Surface water


Unregulated water


  • S91I application form (PDF 88 KB) - authority to take water while metering equipment is not operating properly or is not operating.

Annual usage return

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Solicitors' enquiries

  • Application for a Financial Statement on a Water Licence (DOC 67 KB) - use this form when you need to make settlement adjustments for the sale of your water access licence or for the sale of water from your water access licence.
  • Request for Water Account Statement (PDF 154 KB) - use this form to confirm your water account balance in megalitres (MLs) on your water access licence. This form gives us permission to provide your solicitor, conveyancer, real estate agent or water broker with this information. We are able to provide you with water account statements covering the past two years. If you require water account statements covering more than the last two year period, please submit a GIPA application form below.
  • Request for Special Meter Reading (PDF 60 KB) - use this form for legal and real estate purposes.

GIPA - Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009

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