Current trade statistics

Current trade statistics

WaterNSW provides a monthly report to show our trade processing performance against the service standards set by the Australian Government.

The standard states that:

  • 90% of interstate allocation trades (excluding South Australia) to be processed within 10 days
  • 90% of interstate allocation trades to and from South Australia to be processed within 20 days
  • 90% of intrastate allocation trades to be processed within 5 days

The tables below show WaterNSW’s year to date achievements against these standards.

Allocation trade processing times July 2021 - May 2022# of trades % within KPI
Interstate trade (excluding SA) 811 97.66%
Interstate trade to/from South Australia (SA) 13399.25%

Intrastate trade




Saturday 25 June
2,524,148 ML
2,618,706 ML
9,094 ML
1,300 ML
27,516 ML
Saturday 25 June