iWAS Help

iWAS Help

To activate your account you are required to register your customer number and an activation code. You can either register yourself by following the steps below OR you can contact our customer helpdesk on 1300 662 077 for a letter detailing the registration process. This letter will guide you through the registration process.

To register:

  1. Go to the registration page
  2. Enter your customer number which can be found on your water account statement
  3. Enter the activation code (account number on your bill)
  4. Enter password as per your letter. (IWAS00)
  5. Read and tick the terms and conditions box
  6. Register

Your activation code can be found on your water bill. To ensure account security, WaterNSW does not include the activation code in the iWAS letter. Your letter will provide you with your customer number and an initial password. However, registration will not be completed without the activation code  found on the water bill.

If you have any problems locating the required documents for registration please call our customer  helpdesk on 1300 662 077 between 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

All customer accounts need to be registered before you attempt to log in. If you have made any changes to your water licences through DPI Water (formerly the NSW Office of Water) you may have been issued with a new customer number. This means you will have to register using this customer number before  you will be able to access iWAS. Contact the customer information centre on 1300 662 077 during office hours if you are experiencing problems.

iWAS accounts are based on customer numbers. Your access licences and works approvals are linked to your customer number.

Before the Water Management Act was introduced, DPI Water contacted customers asking them to correct any errors in their account details and/or combine all details under the one customer number. Any differences in the name of the spelling of the licence holder and their address meant that a new customer    number would be generated (eg. John Citizen or JA Citizen).

If you would like to reduce the number of customer numbers and passwords you hold within the  iWAS application please contact DPI Water's Licensing Unit nearest you. A licensing officer can advise you on the option that suits your circumstances. Your local DPI Water office can be found at    DPI Water: Water licensing enquiries

Some customers may not receive a confirmation email, whilst others may. It is not essential that you receive the email before you start using the iWAS application. You can move straight to the log in link on the WaterNSW homepage without receiving the confirmation email.

Make sure that the pop-up blocker is turned off in your Internet Explorer and try again. To turn the pop-up blocker off, open your Internet Explorer and from the top menu. Select Tools and choose pop-up blocker and then select turn-off pop-up blocker command from the list.

Customers are required to register their customer number in iWAS before they can access their account details. You should have received a letter notifying you how to activate your account securely. If you are still experiencing issues activating or accessing your account, please call our customer helpdesk    on 1300 662 077.

It is not possible to enter a meter reading for the same pump more than once a day. If you have multiple meters you will be required to enter all readings at once. It is important to check the information you are entering in the system before confirming it to be correct.

If you have made a mistake when entering your meter readings please notify the customer helpdesk on 1300 662 077. The Customer Information Officers will notify your Customer Field Officer who will verify your readings.

The iWAS application does not accept decimals. Please round the meter reading to the nearest whole number when entering your reading.

You can only view licences of which you are the primary holder, as registered by DPI Water. An access licence must be CURRENT to place or change an order. It cannot be SUSPENDED or CANCELLED. The licence list in the Enter/Change Order form does not include CANCELLED or SUSPENDED licences.

Customers who hold a water access licence that has been linked to multiple water sources or pump sites will need to specify which water source or pump site they wish to extract from. You will not be able to process a water order until you specify an extraction site.

You may have multiple works approvals and this will mean you will need to select a different works approval in order to place a successful water order.

A red box with the letter C will appear next to any cancelled access licences or works approvals on the My Licences screen.

Only the licence holder of the works approval can enter a meter reading against the meter. If you are linked to a works that is held in another name, ie a company name or your father/mother's name, you will not be able to enter the meter reading.

The only exception is if the account is linked to a master account. In this case, both the master account holder and the linked customer may place orders and meter reads. However, orders can be overridden by the master account.

iWAS has been developed to be at its optimal performance when run through Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8. Display issues may arise if you are running Internet Explorer 6. Visit Microsoft to upgrade your Internet Explorer.

When you access information on the internet, some pages cache or keep a copy in your history. A “malicious error detected” message can appear at times on your screen. If this occurs, go to Tools, Internet options and delete your browsing history and cookies. This should stop this error from    occurring.

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