Namoi-Peel Customer Advisory Group

Namoi-Peel Customer Advisory Group

The Namoi-Peel Customer Advisory Group:

  • is made up of a number of representatives nominated by organisations or other customers in their area
  • exchange information with WaterNSW so that a positive, constructive and efficient service provider/customer relationship can be maintained.

Group members

Representative Nominating Organisation Category of Representation
Bruce Logan Tamworth Regional Council Regulated/Unregulated/Groundwater/Local Water Utilities
Ian Coxhead Cockburn Valley Water Users Association Unregulated/Groundwater/Stock and Domestic
Brendan Warnock Namoi Water Inc Regulated/Unregulated/Groundwater/Industrial & Commercial/ Local Water Utilities/Major Utilities/Volumetric
Paul Keyte Office of Environmental and Heritage Environmental
Lindsay White Commonwealth Environmental Water Office Regulated/Environmental
David Gee Split Rock Water Users Association Regulated/Stock and Domestic
David Gowing Peel Valley Water Users Association Regulated/Groundwater
Tom Woolaston Peel Valley Water Users Association Regulated/Unregulated/Groundwater/Stock and Domestic
Darren Raeck Narrabri Shire Council Groundwater
Darren Swain Whitehaven Coal Regulated/Groundwater/Industrial & Commercial/Volumetric


Friday 23 August
1,282,596 ML
2,581,850 ML
8,751 ML
1,251 ML
-11,377 ML
Friday 23 August