WaterNSW welcomes IPART draft bulk water pricing determination

WaterNSW welcomes IPART draft bulk water pricing determination

16 March 2021

WaterNSW welcomes The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal’s (IPART) draft report on rural bulk water supplies and water resource management in NSW.

In particular, we are pleased that IPART’s review has found that for WaterNSW to deliver effective services into the future, its expenditure needs to be higher than when IPART last set its prices in 2017.

We fully support the implementation of the government-led reform which is in response to a number of independent and government inquiries into the state’s water sector.

WaterNSW’s costs have been influenced by several factors, including increases in environmental expenditure, asset maintenance costs, vital technology upgrades, changes to cost share arrangements and other factors relating to accounting and insurance.

While IPART has not made a draft determination on WaterNSW’s supplementary submission for implementing the NSW Government’s metering reform, it should be noted that the IPART prudency and efficiency consultant report found many areas of our submission reasonable.

It is essential that WaterNSW is sufficiently funded to effectively roll-out the government’s metering policy. We will continue to work closely with the NSW Government and IPART over the coming weeks to address any areas requiring greater clarification, to enable a future determination to be made.

IPART is the independent, arm’s length arbiter that will review our proposed expenditure proposals and make a final determination, effective 1 July.

We are committed to ensuring that our NSW rural bulk water services meet the needs of our customers and to driving ongoing reform of our services and pricing arrangements to meet both customer and government policy needs at the lowest cost.

  • Submissions in response to the Draft Determination is expected to be due mid-April 2021.
    • WaterNSW encourages all interested parties to have their say on IPART’s draft determination.
    • Submissions can be made through the IPART website.
  • IPART will hold a public forum on its draft determination on 30 March 2021.
  • IPART release Final Determination June 2021.
  • New prices take effect 1 July 2021.

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