WaterNSW planning for Warragamba spill as inflows rise

WaterNSW planning for Warragamba spill as inflows rise

26 November 2021

WaterNSW is planning for a spill event from Warragamba Dam storage, commencing tonight (Friday, 26 November).

Inflows to the dam storage – which is near capacity after months of inflows - are rising as a result of the current rain event, which could total up to 75-100mm.

WaterNSW modelling indicates that on Saturday morning the peak spill volume may reach a rate of up to 100 gigalitres per day (GL/day), one-fifth of the March spill event that peaked at 500GL/day.

Downstream impacts are likely and will be determined by the spill volume combined with downstream tributary flows.

WaterNSW is working closely with the Bureau of Meteorology and the NSW State Emergency Service to monitor weather and inflows.

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