WaterNSW Awarded TAFE NSW Industry Partnership Award

WaterNSW Awarded TAFE NSW Industry Partnership Award

10 June 2021

A joint initiative between WaterNSW, TAFE NSW, Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly (MPRA) and the Regional Enterprise Development Institute (REDI.E), to work with the local Aboriginal community as part of the Wilcannia Weir Replacement project, has been recognised with a major award.

The Industry Partnership Award was formally announced last week. The award recognises the efforts of WaterNSW in developing robust relationships to achieve tangible and meaningful outcomes for local communities.

The project supports employment opportunities for the local community by implementing a training program to equip local Aboriginal people with job-ready skills in construction, hospitality and tourism.

So far, the program has seen eight students complete the construction component of the program and take advantage of employment opportunities with WaterNSW as part of their weir works.

TAFE Services Manager, Byron Hooker, said this is an outstanding outcome.

“This project will change both TAFE NSW Wilcannia and the Wilcannia township for the better and the partnerships built today will hold us in a positive light within the community tomorrow.”

Brendan Adams, Wilcannia Hub Site Manager from REDI.E and his son Bama Johnson flew in from Wilcannia to attend the ceremony and accept the award.

“I proudly dedicate this to the students who have participated in the Construction, Hospitality and Tourism courses, who are the true shining lights for this award,” said Brendan.

He also thanked the staff and support team at REDI.E who worked hard to make the training program meet the needs of the students by making it ‘accessible and inclusive’.

WaterNSW Project Manager, Brendan ONeill, said he was extremely proud of what the project has achieved.

“The award is a testament to the incredible teamwork shown by all involved in the project. So much hard work and support has gone into making this training course successful by WaterNSW, the partners and the Wilcannia community.”

Des Jones, MPRA Chairperson, agreed that he is very proud of the program. He paid particular recognition and thanks to former Wilcannia Community Working Party member, Monica Whyman, who was integral to the success of the program with her cultural development work.

“This way of working should become the preferred model for NSW government infrastructure projects, where project focus is invested back into the local communities, to deliver on training and employment opportunities that are designed to address underlying issues in these remote communities.”

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