WaterNSW advises locals and holiday makers to monitor river conditions

WaterNSW advises locals and holiday makers to monitor river conditions

04 January 2021

WaterNSW recommends people travelling over the summer holidays, especially to areas around the River Murray, regularly check its website for updates on blue-green algae, river levels and water temperature.

“We want to ensure people are making informed decisions when they enter waterways this summer, and a large part of that is making sure they’re not coming into contact with potentially dangerous blue-green algae,” said WaterNSW Executive Manager of water and catchment protection, Fiona Smith.

“We consistently monitor river conditions, which include monitoring levels of blue-green algae, and if our testing returns levels that present a risk to water users, we issue an alert on our website.”

“we want to ensure people have the most up-to-date information on river conditions, which is vital in making the right decisions when using waterways.”

Updates about blue-green algae blooms and red level warning areas can be obtained by calling or visiting – www.waternsw.com.au/algae, or calling 1800 999 457.

Blue-green algae usually appear as green paint-like scums on the water, near the edges, or as greenish clumps throughout the water. It makes the water appear dirty, green or discoloured and generally has a strong musty or earthy odour.

A guide to the identification of algae can be found on this website.

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