Inflows into Copeton and Keepit as rain forecast holds

Inflows into Copeton and Keepit as rain forecast holds

23 November 2021

Inflows continue for WaterNSW dams in the Gwydir and Namoi valleys after weekend regional rainfall, which is also generating large flows in the Peel valley.

Copeton Dam on the Gwydir River is expected to fill, while Keepit Dam on the Namoi River continues to spill, both after receiving large volumes of inflow that peaked at Copeton at a rate in excess of 100 gigalitres per day (GL/day).

A spill at Copeton would be the first since July 2012.

Keepit Dam is currently sitting at 101% of capacity, with inflows dropping to 25GL/day. Releases have been held at 20 GL/day to limit the impact of large flows from the Peel River entering the Namoi downstream of the dam.

Copeton Dam storage is at 99% and receiving inflows of around 30 GL/day, down from a rate of 100 GL/day yesterday. With adequate storage capacity to capture most of these inflows, there are no immediate plans to increase releases.

WaterNSW is continuing to monitor conditions and manage airspace releases in line with weather advice from the Bureau of Meteorology.

With the Bureau of Meteorology continuing to forecast a climate outlook that “indicates rainfall over the coming months is likely to be above average” WaterNSW will continue to make airspace releases as required.

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