Barwon Darling inflows diverted into Lake Menindee

Barwon Darling inflows diverted into Lake Menindee

22 April 2021

WaterNSW is monitoring the second significant inflow event into the Menindee lakes system to occur in the past 12 months.

Modelling indicates that at the end of this event between 650-850GL will have made its way into the lakes since inflows commenced in January.

These inflows are expected to continue into June and are being captured and stored in the most efficient manner as required by the rules under which WaterNSW operates the lakes.

On current projections the inflows will fill the upper two lakes – Wetherell and Pamamaroo – with additional water released from Pamamaroo into Lake Menindee via the main weir.

Modelling indicates that between 300-500GL will be eventually released into Lake Menindee, of which approximately 100GL will be lost to seepage into the dry lakebed.

As inflows continue government authorities – including environmental entitlement holders - are working together, and with local communities and landholders, to determine the best way to utilise this resource.

The fact that the water has been arriving here in recent months means that it is also replenishing the environment, the town water supply weirs, and the needs of agricultural producers and farm families all the way from the Queensland border, bringing sustained relief to a region of NSW that suffered the longest and most severely during the drought.

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Sunday 03 July
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