Water arrives in the Menindee Lakes

Water arrives in the Menindee Lakes

12 March 2020

The parched and cracked Menindee Lakes in Western New South Wales are rejoicing after the first major river flow since 2016 wet soil that has been dry for years, ending a prolonged period of no-inflows.

WaterNSW operations employees confirmed this-morning that the first push - which has made its way down the Barwon-Darling system following rains last month - had entered Lake Wetherell, with flows expected to continue over the coming months.

Large flows from Queensland via the Culgoa, and the Warrego, will further boost the flows which have resulted from major rain events in the state’s north-west and represents the best naturally occurring system flows since 2016.

Recent local rainfall helped expedite the flow, which arrived a day ahead of schedule.

Water in the system is constantly monitored by WaterNSW, with our experts now estimating that Lake Wetherell could see inflows of between 230 - 260 gigalitres, equating to more than 12-months of town water supply.

“This is absolutely fantastic to see,” WaterNSW CEO David Harris said.

“The flow, generated by rain, is the best to occur naturally in the Barwon-Darling since the floods of 2016,” Mr Harris said.

“It’s really heartening to see the parched rivers and lakes - in a part of the state that has arguably endured the longest and most severe of the drought conditions - being rejuvenated by natural flows.”

Further information on temporary water restrictions.

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Tuesday 19 October
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Tuesday 19 October