Temporary rule change to allow some stock water trade

Temporary rule change to allow some stock water trade

07 February 2020

WaterNSW is announcing a NSW Government temporary rule amendment to allow the trade of stock allocation water to assist landholders affected by drought.

The Access Licence Dealing Principles (ALDP) amendment order is being amended to allow trade of stock allocation water to assist some domestic and stock schemes and other licensed stock users whose access to water has been restricted because of reduced allocations.

The amendment order allows for the assignment of allocations between domestic and stock access licences on regulated rivers if take under these access licences is metered.

The amendment order does not apply to domestic and stock (conveyance) licences or domestic and stock licences of a subcategory domestic or town water supply.

The ALDP amendment order will allow for trade of water allocations but will only apply to licensed stock use – not basic landholder rights, which are not licensed, volume limited or part of the trading framework.

This amendment order will remain in place until 30 June 2020. However, it can be amended or repealed should conditions change.

Further information regarding the temporary water restrictions can be found on the department’s website.

WaterNSW drought management information.

For information on water licences and trading, contact the WaterNSW helpdesk on 1300 662 077.

Media Contact – Tony Webber 0428 613 478.


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