Farmers expected to flock to national first water dashboard

Farmers expected to flock to national first water dashboard

24 July 2020

Farmers, environmentalists and recreational users are expected to flock to a ground-breaking new online information hub with potential to revolutionise water management, pioneered by WaterNSW.

Believed to be a national first, the Water Insights portal is using the latest technology to bring transparency to water management information, in line key recommendations from multiple government inquiries into the water sector.

Developed by WaterNSW over two years, the new portal provides a bird’s-eye view of river systems along with all priority information at a glance: river flows, dam storages, water availability, weather outlook and more:

The new hub will empower agribusiness as well as safeguard environment water and is the culmination of years of work to enhance the transparency of the state’s river operations.

It features key decision-making graphics in one place, comprehensive water resource information at a mouse click and historic data going back 30 years.

The Water Insights initiative is a critical tool in the drive to enhance transparency around water management, WaterNSW executive manager Adrian Langdon said today.

“We are expecting a huge and rapid take-up in usage of this new tool, especially by our customer base, who now have an invaluable asset to assist with key business decisions,” Mr Langdon said.

“With this new technology people can now see exactly what is happening in any major river valley, as well as having at their fingertips all the relevant information as to how that river is being managed,” he said.

“This innovation meets the key recommendations of numerous reviews and investigations into water management in this state and across the basin: a call for clearer, accessible, easily understood information on how water is managed and for whom.

“But just as importantly this tool responds to a clear message from our customers, calling for transparency and convenience in getting the business information they need to run their farms.

“Some of this information could previously be found after a lengthy search of multiple sources by someone with time on their hands and a high frustration threshold – now it is available at the click of a mouse.”

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