Brogo Dam water access rules change to save town water

Brogo Dam water access rules change to save town water

08 January 2020

WaterNSW is advising customers supplied from Brogo Dam that general security irrigation availability will cease as of 6am Saturday 11 January 2020 as a result of temporary rule changes announced today.

With Brogo Dam at approximately 13% of storage capacity, WaterNSW’s priority is to retain at least 1200 megalitres in the storage to supply town water for Bermagui and other local users including stock and domestic supply.

Unregulated and groundwater users in the mid-Bega River sands water source are also reminded that restrictions on take of water apply, once the level at monitoring bore GW039001 falls below 5.5m AHD. (Access is only allowed to the low flow class - between 5.5m and 4.5m AHD - for those licences specifically accredited).

WaterNSW met with customers in the region in early December to advise that severe drought conditions and the corresponding impact on inflows had reduced the dam storage from 100% in May 2019.

Brogo Dam is the main source of water for the towns along the Bega and Brogo rivers, which rely on the Brogo-Bermagui Water Supply System, besides limited groundwater access. These restrictions will enable town water supplies to be met over the Summer / Autumn period.

To secure critical water supplies, access to all water remaining in general security accounts will be prohibited until there is sufficient resource recovery via inflows into Brogo Dam. The order takes effect from today and is in place until 30 June.

To read the order in full visit:

Under the terms of the temporary changes low rate releases of 5-6 megalitres per day (ML/d) or less will be made for town supply, which will also be accessible by domestic and stock licences and basic landholder rights.

For information on WaterNSW’s drought response visit:

T: 1300 662 077

Media contact: Tony Webber, 0428 613 478


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