324 pump restrictions lifted in Namoi, Border Rivers

324 pump restrictions lifted in Namoi, Border Rivers

25 February 2020

WaterNSW is advising that a NSW Government temporary pump restriction has been lifted for general security access licences in the Border Rivers and Upper and Lower Namoi water sources.

Recent rainfall events have provided sufficient inflows to allow access to remaining restricted water held in accounts by general security access licence holders in the Border Rivers and Upper and Lower Namoi regulated river water sources.

Due to periods of heavy rainfall since mid-January and substantial inflows, there has been adequate recovery in storages to support higher priority needs through to the end of next summer.

Pindari Dam volume has risen from 12.5GL to 28.5GL as at 25 February. Glenlyon Dam volume also has increased from 8.6GL to 36GL. The existing order prohibits access to half of 4.6GL general security water held in account. The improvement in the Pindari Dam volume and the town water weirs on NSW Border Rivers mean that the restricted 2.3GL can now be supplied without negatively impacting the security of essential supplies.

Split Rock Dam volume has increased from 6.8GL to 18GL. The restricted general security account balance of 1.4GL can now be supplied from Manilla River, inflow from unregulated Namoi River or with minimal delivery loss on top of current releases from the dam.

Keepit Dam volume has risen from dead storage to 50.7GL .

In these circumstances, water security has been restored, meaning the temporary water restrictions applied in the public interest, are no longer required.  

Further information regarding the temporary water restrictions can be found on the department’s website - www.industry.nsw.gov.au/water/allocations-availability/temporary-water-restrictions

For WaterNSW drought management information visit: www.waternsw.com.au/supply/drought-information

For customer information contact the WaterNSW helpdesk on 1300 662 077 or visit www.waternsw.com.au


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