324 Orders on Floodplain harvesting in the Northern Basin

324 Orders on Floodplain harvesting in the Northern Basin

11 February 2020

A number of section 324 orders are currently in place, including  an order restricting floodplain harvesting in the Northern Basin. The orders and reasons for decision are available from the Department's website on temporary water restrictions.

This includes any areas that may be temporarily exempt from a restriction. However to ensure you receive the latest information as soon as possible, please ensure that you are registered with WaterNSW to receive immediate customer updates.

We are aware and acknowledge that landholders are seeking further clarification on the floodplain harvesting order and its application.

There is additional information currently available at: Temporary pump restriction on floodplain harvesting

Approval to take under Temporary Water Restrictions - 10 February 2020

Approval to take under Temporary Water Restrictions - 11 February 2020

Flood plain harvesting map

The Department is in the process of developing further FAQs based on questions received to date and those FAQs will be published on the WaterNSW and Department's website when available and will be updated periodically as more become available.

We have also established a single email point to receive these requests for information and clarification of the orders to assist in your understanding so that you are able to make your decisions. Please send your enquiries to floodplain.harvesting@dpi.nsw.gov.au

Please be aware that the Department will provide information consistent with the current order noting that the Department is unable to provide individual decisions about whether a landholder has the legal right to take as this decision always rests with the landholder.

Agencies continue to monitor conditions and consider the status of the floodplain harvesting orders along with other current section 324 orders.


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