WaterNSW sets 30 Nov deadline for Peel flow cut

WaterNSW sets 30 Nov deadline for Peel flow cut

18 September 2019

WaterNSW has advised affected landholders that Peel River flows downstream of the Dungowan temporary weir will cease no earlier than 30 November if drought conditions persist.

The decision is part of the response to intense drought in the Peel valley, and is intended to extend surface water town supply for Tamworth and other critical human needs.

A temporary weir will be constructed at Dungowan to help redirect river flow into the existing Dungowan pipeline to Tamworth, to extend water availability by reducing transmission losses, and allow time for construction of a new pipeline from Chaffey Dam

WaterNSW has been in contact with local landholders to ensure they are aware of the drought response projects and to identify any potentially impacted properties that may be without alternative water supply options.

Three more information sessions are also planned for Dungowan and Tamworth next month, to ensure landholders are fully abreast of the plan and prepared for potential impacts.

Once releases from Chaffey dam are stopped at the Dungowan temporary weir, downstream river flow will be reliant on naturally occurring tributary flows only.

Landholder information sessions will be held:

Monday 14 October (2 sessions).

Dungowan 4-5.30pm

Dungowan Village/Recreation Ground (Duri-Dungowan Road, Dungowan)

Project update and site walk of the temporary weir location

Dungowan 7-8.30pm

Dungowan Hotel (1572 Dungowan Rd, Dungowan)

Project update

Tuesday 15 October

Tamworth 7-8.30pm

Tamworth Community Hall (3A Darling St, Tamworth)

Project update

For information on WaterNSW’s drought response visit: https://www.waternsw.com.au/supply/drought-information

T: 1300 662 077

E: customer.helpdesk@waternsw.com.au

Media contact: Tony Webber, 0428 613 478


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