WaterNSW resumes transfers from Shoalhaven to bolster Sydney supply

WaterNSW resumes transfers from Shoalhaven to bolster Sydney supply

28 August 2019

Following changes to the operating rules for the Shoalhaven transfer scheme, an additional 14.5GL is now available for the Greater Sydney system.

WaterNSW commenced the most recent transfers from the Shoalhaven to the Sydney supply on Tuesday night (27 August).

As a result, the total storage levels in Greater Sydney as reported on the WaterNSW website will increase in coming days.

The transfer of water from Tallowa Dam in the Shoalhaven is one of several drought relief strategies currently in place for Greater Sydney.

The increase to the transfer volume is in response to the historically low inflows to Sydney’s water storage.

Under the Metropolitan Water Plan, water transfers from Tallowa Dam to Greater Sydney began in April 2018 when Sydney’s dam levels reached 75 per cent.

Increasing pumping for transfers now will allow for 14.5 GL of water to be transferred from Tallowa to Sydney’s water storage.

These transfers will not significantly impact water supply or energy security in the Illawarra/Shoalhaven regions and will continue only as long as sufficient water is available in Tallowa Dam.

The increased operating storage in Tallowa will allow WaterNSW to capture more water during inflow events.


Saturday 30 May
2,123,862 ML
2,596,150 ML
9,087 ML
1,299 ML
-571 ML
Saturday 30 May