Trade restrictions eased on withheld carryover water

Trade restrictions eased on withheld carryover water

01 November 2019

WaterNSW will implement NSW Government rule changes to allow for the trade – but not use – of carryover water currently quarantined under drought measures announced on 1 July.

The changes to Access Licence Dealing Principles come into effect today (1 November) and relate to the following water sources:

  • NSW Border Rivers Regulated River Water Source
  • Upper Namoi and Lower Namoi Regulated River Water Source
  • Lachlan Regulated River Water Source
  • Macquarie and Cudgegong Regulated River Water Source.

NB: these orders do not lift the temporary water restrictions currently in place, but allow for the trade of water, that still cannot be accessed until the temporary restrictions are lifted.

On 1 July, temporary water restriction orders were placed on some water sources, restricting access to carryover water in accounts. Trade restrictions were announced alongside these orders to prohibit trade of the restricted water.

Water users, where these restrictions apply, have requested that they be able to trade restricted water, to potentially provide some monetary relief during these severe drought conditions.

From today (1 November) restrictions will also not apply to the use of water for testing metering equipment of up to a total of one megalitre for pumps larger than 500mm and half a megalitre for all other works.

The existing temporary water restriction for the Lower Darling Regulated River Water Source has also been amended to permit the taking of water for the purposes of testing metering equipment.

Further information regarding the temporary water restrictions can be found on the department’s website.

Read WaterNSW drought management information.

For information on water licences and trading, contact the WaterNSW helpdesk on 1300 662 077.

Media Contact – Tony Webber 0428 613 478.


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