Temporary dam releases to bolster Tamworth supply

Temporary dam releases to bolster Tamworth supply

21 December 2019

WaterNSW will be delivering up to 80 megalitres (ML) of water to Tamworth Regional Council via the Peel River downstream of the temporary weir (block bank) at Dungowan.

The water will serve as a standby supply in council’s new off-river storage facility to ensure continuity of supply for Tamworth.

The releases from Chaffey Dam commenced on 21 Dec 2019 at a rate of approximately 80 megalitres per day (ML/day) to enable flows to arrive at Tamworth Regional Council’s Peel River intake near Calala.

The water will pass through the new structure at Dungowan, which was completed last month and designed for this eventuality.

For information on WaterNSW’s drought response visit: https://www.waternsw.com.au/supply/drought-information

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Tuesday 19 October
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Tuesday 19 October