Lake Cargelligo to drop briefly as hot weather drives demand

Lake Cargelligo to drop briefly as hot weather drives demand

02 January 2019

A fall in the water level of Lake Cargelligo due to increasing downstream demand, will be quickly restored by water currently being released from Wyangala Dam on the Lachlan River, WaterNSW confirmed today.

Lake Cargelligo storage is currently at 64% of capacity and may fall to about 51% over the next two weeks.

Releases from Wyangala Dam have been increased and the water is expected to begin arriving at Lake Cargelligo weir around 10 January.

Some of these flows will be directed into the lake to raise the levels to between 65-70% later in January.

As in the past years when Lake Brewster is empty a contingency volume is maintained in Lake Cargelligo during the summer irrigation period to meet any sudden demand for water.

The current heat wave has necessitated drawing on that contingency volume to meet increased water demand downstream.

During summer the storage level at the lake is likely to move between 40% and 80% to retain capacity to capture any surplus flows from tributaries arising from summer storms.

Currently, some river flow is being circulated through the lake with the intention of improving water quality in the channels connecting the lakes and the river.

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