Drought hit Northern users urged to enrol for auto alerts

Drought hit Northern users urged to enrol for auto alerts

04 July 2019

WaterNSW is encouraging customers in drought-affected northern valleys to enrol for automated notifications as WaterNSW repeats its advice that recent water allocation announcement do not necessarily guarantee water.

Monday’s water allocations, announcement by the NSW Government, will not be delivered in full from northern storages without further inflows, especially in the lower reaches of the hardest hit valleys such as the Peel, Macquarie, Namoi and Border Rivers.

To ensure they are informed in the event of inflows customers are encouraged to contact WaterNSW (ph: 1300 662 077, email: customer.helpdesk@WaterNSW.com.au) to be included on the automated early warning network (EWN) to receive availability updates by text and/or email.

The message applies to holders of high security and carryover water in northern valleys, who have had their access restricted due to drought.

“We need to reiterate that the allocations are dependent on future flows – whether into dams or via tributary flow downstream of the dam – to be delivered,” WaterNSW executive manager Adrian Langdon confirmed today.

“Once sufficient inflow volume appears in the dam or via tributary flow downstream of the dam, eligible account holders registered to the EWN will be notified.

“The priority for these regions is town supply and other critical human needs so any entitlement holders wishing to place a water order should also contact WaterNSW in advance to confirm that such an order can be delivered.”

A new online information tool developed by WaterNSW will assist water users track flows which occur in the drought-hit northern valleys.

The new portal provides a bird’s-eye view of river systems along with all priority information at a glance: river flows, dam storages, water availability and weather outlook.

“This new online portal comes at a critical time for northern high priority users, presenting a ready source of information on the water situation in their valley, especially in the case of a significant rain event which may generate flows which they can access if the volume is sufficient,” Mr Langdon said.

The Water Insights initiative is consistent with the NSW Government’s intention to enhance transparency around water management as part of its broader water reforms.

Read more on WaterNSW drought management information.

For information on WaterNSW contact the WaterNSW helpdesk on 1300 662 077

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