Carryover restricted to extend Split Rock supply

Carryover restricted to extend Split Rock supply

06 December 2019

The NSW Government has implemented water restrictions in the Upper Namoi valley to conserve water remaining in Split Rock Dam for essential town supply and critical needs.

With Split Rock at ~1% of storage capacity, Upper Namoi general security water in accounts cannot be delivered until there is significant resource recovery.

Accordingly, a temporary water restriction is in effect from 6 December 2019 that prohibits access:

  • to the extraction of all carryover water in accounts of general security access licences from the Upper Namoi Regulated River Water Source, and
  • to the extraction of any of that restricted general security water by a licence holder who has purchased the water.

The prohibition does not apply to the take of water for testing metering equipment of up to a total of 1 megalitre (ML) for pumps larger than 500mm and 0.5 ML for all other works.

Trade restrictions do not apply. This is to allow some users to trade water and generate some monetary relief during the severe drought conditions. However, any restricted water that is traded cannot be accessed until the temporary water restriction is lifted.

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The restriction will be in place from 6 December 2019 to 30 June 2020. However, the restriction may be amended or repealed prior to this date should conditions change.

For information on WaterNSW’s drought response visit:

T: 1300 662 077


Media contact: Tony Webber, 0428 613 478


Tuesday 19 October
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