WaterNSW accepts Ombudsman report, acts to ensure accuracy

WaterNSW accepts Ombudsman report, acts to ensure accuracy

08 March 2018

WaterNSW will implement more rigorous internal processes to ensure that information provided to regulatory authorities is accurate.

The move follows confirmation that some data initially provided to the NSW Ombudsman concerning WaterNSW compliance activities was incorrect.

The data was revised and the Ombudsman accepts that there was no attempt by WaterNSW to mislead the Ombudsman.

In accepting that the error was unintentional, the Ombudsman’s report notes that WaterNSW had provided the information at a time when it was under pressure to supply a large volume of material to multiple inquiries underway simultaneously.

WaterNSW CEO, David Harris, said the organisation accepts the Ombudsman’s finding and is acting to prevent any repeat.

“Some of the detail WaterNSW provided was incorrect and, although it was revised, it is not acceptable and we are acting to ensure it does not happen again,” he said.

“We hold ourselves to a high standard and while it is true that this error occurred at a time when we were providing a high volume of information to multiple inquiries, it was an error nonetheless.”

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