Vital electrical upgrades begin at Nepean Dam

Vital electrical upgrades begin at Nepean Dam

14 February 2018

Public access to the Nepean Dam crest and recreation areas will be closed temporarily on weekdays from 19 February until further notice as work begins to upgrade electrical infrastructure at five of WaterNSW’s metropolitan dams.

The dam crest and recreation areas will be open on weekends and the public will be directed to nearby Avon Dam during weekday closures at Nepean Dam and surrounding areas.

WaterNSW, NSW’s bulk water supplier and river operator, has contracted Downer Group to upgrade electrical assets at five metropolitan dams in the upper Nepean system. The work at Nepean Dam is the start of the wider project, which is scheduled to finish by 2019.

These dams supply up to 30 per cent of Sydney’s drinking water and are vital in ensuring high-quality water is supplied to Sydney and the Illawarra. The upgrades are essential to ensuring that the dam’s electrical systems continue to meet contemporary safety standards.

For safety purposes, public access to the dams and surrounding recreation areas may be restricted when construction work is taking place. There is also likely to be increased traffic in and around the work sites and some localised noise and dust impacts during construction.

“We understand there could be some inconvenience during the work and we are seeking cooperation from the community. We will work with residents and local businesses to ensure there is minimal disruption,” a spokesperson for WaterNSW said.

“Where possible, WaterNSW will coordinate partial closures, rather than full closures, of picnic and recreation areas. Every effort will be made to ensure that visitors can access another nearby picnic or dam area during the process.

“Sydney’s drinking water catchment is among the best in the world and WaterNSW is investing in infrastructure to ensure its dams continue to supply high-quality water, while allowing the public to enjoy the popular recreation areas.”

Those seeking more information on the upgrades, or dam and recreation area opening times, can call the WaterNSW Helpdesk on 1300 662 077 or visit our dams webpage. People are also welcome to call Downer Group’s community relations line on 02 9331 4336 or email

Contact: Tony Webber

Phone: 0428 613 478


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