Precautionary work on Fitzroy Falls reservoir

Precautionary work on Fitzroy Falls reservoir

15 October 2018

WaterNSW is undertaking routine work on Fitzroy Falls Reservoir as part of a broader portfolio assessment on all dams in the Greater Sydney area of operations.

The planned work will improve understanding of the dam’s performance and ensure it continues to meet contemporary dam safety standards and regulatory obligations. Work will begin on October 22 and is scheduled to finish mid-November.

Machinery will be used to take soil samples and undertake minor exploratory excavations on the embankment.

Built in the early 1970s, Fitzroy Falls holds 23,500 megalitres and is part of the Shoalhaven scheme, located 20km south-west of Bowral on the Yarrunga Creek.

The works are being supervised by WaterNSW’s specialist dam safety engineers and expert advisors and will increase understanding of the material properties at Fitzroy Falls Dam.

WaterNSW closely monitors its dam network via sophisticated equipment and regular on-site inspections, according to WaterNSW manager asset engineering and dam safety, Sam Banzi.

“WaterNSW has a team of dam experts to watch over our 41 prescribed dams across NSW under a strict monitoring and inspection regime,” he said. “The scheduled inspection on the Fitzroy Falls embankment will not impact on the dam’s operations.

“As custodians of the state’s dam network, the functional integrity of these assets is always our paramount priority.”

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