Online tool helps public check for algae in waterways

Online tool helps public check for algae in waterways

28 March 2018

The public is being encouraged to utilise a new online tool to be informed of possible blue-green algae alerts in New South Wales waterways.

WaterNSW’s website features an interactive state map that publishes regular updates for blue-green algae at popular recreational sites. For residents and those planning holidays, state-wide algae alerts and contact details can be found at

Individuals and families should be aware of any current algal alerts before swimming in lakes, dams, rivers and the beach. Holiday-makers in particular should check the WaterNSW website to be certain their intended destination is suitable for water recreation.

WaterNSW, in conjunction with other state agencies, local councils and community volunteers, conducts routine monitoring of water quality in the state’s major dams and rivers.

There have already been a number of blue-green algal blooms due to unseasonably hot weather, sporadic rainfall and low flows in some rivers and streams. Thirteen sites in NSW waterways are currently subject to a red alert announcement with many more at amber alert status.

A red alert level warning indicates that people should not undertake recreational activities where they will come into direct contact with the water such as swimming, as well as domestic usage such as showering and washing. Contact with the water may also pose a threat to livestock and pets.

Information about blue-green algae blooms and red level warnings can also be obtained by calling 1800 999 457 and following @WaterNSW on twitter.

Contact: Tony Webber

Phone: 0428 613 478


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