Namoi water restrictions lifted in full

Namoi water restrictions lifted in full

19 December 2018

WaterNSW is advising that the NSW Government has today lifted the temporary water restriction (S324 Order) in the Namoi valley.

The restrictions were implemented as a drought measure in November restricting access to just 85% of the order volume and limiting further water ordering and trading.

The restriction on access was lifted earlier this month, giving customers access to 100% of their order and today the remaining two conditions have also been lifted.

While rainfall in the Namoi valley in the past few weeks have produced no material improvement in upstream storages, some system flows downstream of Keepit Dam have been recorded.

This has enabled more water to be available in the system to meet customer demands.

With the temporary restriction now lifted WaterNSW will prioritise the delivery of water through to Walgett and where possible give customers the opportunity to make productive use of the small volume available to finish crops and for provide stock and domestic supply.

Water availability in the Namoi system remains critically low and Keepit Dam is effectively empty.

Further water ordering and delivery will be dependent upon future rainfall and inflows.

For WaterNSW drought management information visit:

Media contact: Tony Webber 0428 613 478.


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