Lake Yarrunga pumping will not reduce Shoalhaven water security

Lake Yarrunga pumping will not reduce Shoalhaven water security

05 September 2018

Tomorrow (Thursday, 6 September) WaterNSW will commence pumping water from Lake Yarrunga.

This pumping will not reduce water security for the Shoalhaven.

Following concerns raised by the Shoalhaven region following the Millennium drought, the NSW Government revised the rules for taking water from Lake Yarrunga to ensure they balance the needs of Greater Sydney and the Shoalhaven region.

Under the 2017 Metropolitan Water Plan, pumping can only occur when certain conditions are satisfied.

WaterNSW’s Executive Manager System Operations, Adrian Langdon, said under the Metropolitan Water Plan, WaterNSW can only pump the top metre of Tallowa Dam’s storage, which if full would equate to 7.5GL of the dam’s total capacity of 90GL.

“However, at current storages, this amount is reduced to 2.06GL,” Mr Langdon said.

“Further, WaterNSW is only able to transfer water from Lake Yurrunga to supplement Greater Sydney’s water supply where dam levels fall below 75%. Greater Sydney storages are now at 64.6%.

Lake Yarrunga hashistorically proven to be a reliable source of supply for the Shoalhaven, and it continues to provide a high-level of security with the storage capacity currently at 93%.

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