Bulk water transfer from Split Rock Dam to Keepit set to begin

Bulk water transfer from Split Rock Dam to Keepit set to begin

11 October 2018

WaterNSW, the state’s bulk water supplier and system operator, will begin a bulk water transfer from Split Rock Dam to Keepit Dam from 20 October through to early December 2018.

Severe drought conditions and low inflows have affected many regions and storages in NSW, and the bulk water transfer is necessary to meet customer water demand in the Lower Namoi Valley downstream of Keepit Dam.

Under the scheduled release, a maximum of 34,900 megalitres will be transferred from Split Rock Dam to Keepit Dam. Scheduled releases will range from 100 ML/day to 1,900 ML/day with peak releases occurring from 25-28 October.

Split Rock Dam is currently at 13.4% of capacity and Keepit Dam is 10.6%.

Weather conditions will be closely monitored throughout the process to ensure that any changes in demand due to rainfall are factored into future releases during the bulk water transfer.

"Water in both Split Rock and Keepit dams has been allocated for both Upper Namoi users and the Lower Namoi users," said Adrian Langdon, WaterNSW Executive Manager System Operation and Asset Maintenance.

"The severe drought conditions across NSW has impacted on all water storages, including Split Rock and Keepit dams. To satisfy the anticipated demand this summer, we have to transfer water from Split Rock Dam to Keepit Dam to fill those orders."

WaterNSW will be working with customers throughout the transfer. The higher than usual river heights and varying releases will result in changing river conditions, so people should take care when using the river and consider moving any equipment or stock to higher ground before the transfer begins.

For information on the bulk water transfer phone 1300 662 077 or contact us via email.

Contact: Tony Webber

Phone: 0428 613 478


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