Technology drives WaterNSW’s customer commitment

Technology drives WaterNSW’s customer commitment

28 December 2017

WaterNSW has launched a world-leading contact centre platform for our customers, building on a huge 12 months of transformation for the organisation.

This investment in the new call centre technology will give WaterNSW customers options never before available and delivers on our commitment to be the one-stop shop for licensing, water trades and water information.

By calling the WaterNSW customer service centre (1300 662 077), customers can access vital information, including:

  • Licensing and compliance information
  • Temporary water trading and allocation
  • Billing and account enquiries
  • Algal alerts and dam information

“This call centre technology delivers on our customer service principle, of ‘Make It Easy For Me’,” said David Stockler, WaterNSW’s Executive Manager of Customer and Community.

“Not only will this investment deliver superior end-to-end solutions and a more personalised experience for customers, there will be on-going enhancements, including SMS alerts and personalised push notifications.

“It has been an exciting period for the customer and community team as we look to provide a more personalised experience for our customers. Genesys is a vital piece in WaterNSW’s overall plan to deliver a more efficient service.”

WaterNSW, as the state’s bulk water supplier and river operator, is determined to improve the availability of the water essential for our customers and communities. We are also committed to strong customer and community engagement.

Over the past 12 months, the WaterNSW team has:

  • Launched online calculators, allowing customers to see how much their water use costs and compare price changes.
  • Established new Customer Advisory Groups, which include coverage of unregulated, groundwater and regulated users.
  • Built online communities, allowing customers to participate in forums and seminars.
  • Set up a dedicated subscription service, allowing customers to select what information they would like pushed to them.
  • Delivered weekly Water Availability Reports from May.
  • Published monthly Water Account figures.
  • Ensured significant cost savings for a number of licence holders with our new pricing determination, effective from 1 July 2017.

“It has been a hugely successful 2017 for WaterNSW in terms of customer engagement and we look forward to building even stronger relationships with our customers and the communities throughout 2018,” Mr Stockler said.

Contact: Tony Webber

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