Increased staff presence at Bendeela over holidays

Increased staff presence at Bendeela over holidays

11 December 2017

WaterNSW will increase staff and provide an alcohol-free, family-friendly section at its popular Bendeela Recreation Area in the Kangaroo Valley over the summer holiday period.

Bendeela Recreation Area is managed as two separate areas depending on the number of vehicles and visitors. The rear camping area will be open to visitors from midday 15 December 2017 and close at midday 29 January 2018.

The alcohol-free section of the camping ground has been well received by visitors since it was introduced in late 2015. Increased security and signage will also be present as WaterNSW encourages visitors to respect the wildlife, the environment and other visitors.

“Bendeela is an important part of the catchment area for Greater Sydney’s drinking water and WaterNSW wants the thousands of people who use the area each year to do so safely and with minimal impact on the environment,” a spokesperson for WaterNSW said.

"It is important that visitors and WaterNSW work together to minimise any environmental impact on the water storage areas and to ensure the safety of all visitors and wildlife.

“WaterNSW will provide a greater staff presence and patrol campsites throughout the school holidays. These measures are intended to ensure the safety of campers and wildlife and deter potential anti-social behaviour.

“We're asking everyone to do the right thing and consider the comfort of other visitors so everyone can have a safe and pleasant experience.”

Signage and educational material will inform visitors about respecting the wildlife, especially the bare-nosed wombats prevalent in the area.

Visitors are encouraged to give the wombats space and drivers are urged to stick to the 15km/h speed limit in the park for their protection. If a wombat is injured, please let WaterNSW and security know immediately.

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