Call for Lachlan Valley community reference group nominations

Call for Lachlan Valley community reference group nominations

06 February 2017

WaterNSW is working to identify a preferred option to improve long term water security within the Lachlan Valley region. We welcome nominations to join a Community Reference Group (CRG) as part of this project.

The project will consider a range of options for water security, including a potential new dam at Cranky Rock.  There will be an assessment of social, economic and environmental factors to help determine a preferred option.

Improved water security in the Lachlan Valley will mean a range of things to different stakeholders, including better availability of water during periods of critical droughts, or opportunities for an increase in agricultural and commercial production in the region. For this reason it is important that the CRG includes a broad cross section of community representatives.

The CRG will be a key form of communication between the local community, stakeholder groups and the project team. Membership of the CRG is in a voluntary capacity, and members will be expected to meet at least three times over a 7-month period, starting in early March  2017. Out of session review of documentation may also be required. Meetings will be held in the Orange area.

The CRG will include nominated representatives from the major stakeholders in the community, including the identified water user groups, caving groups, the Local Aboriginal Lands Council, local councils with Centroc and RamRoc, water utilities with Lachlan Valley Water and Central Tablelands Water and landholder associations. There will also be four additional seats on the CRG which community members can nominate to fill.

People who are interested in nominating for the group need to demonstrate they have skills and experience that will contribute to the options development process, have links to a local organisation/community or the wider Lachlan Valley region, and will make a positive contribution to the group's discussions.

To nominate to be a member of the CRG, please fill out the expression of interest form at The CRG will be one way of ensuring community input throughout the options development process. Over the coming months there will also be other opportunities for wider community participation.

For more information, contact Madeleine Dignam, Community Engagement Officer on (02) 4725 2509 or

Nominations close on 24 February 2017

Contact: Tony Webber

Phone: 0428 613 478

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