Family friendly measures in place at Bendeela these holidays

Family friendly measures in place at Bendeela these holidays

Tents at Bendeela
20 December 2016

WaterNSW is welcoming campers to the Bendeela Recreation Area again this Christmas, with the rear camping area now open to vehicles.

The family-friendly and alcohol-free sections of the campsite, located in the back camping area, will once again be in place to support the safety and enjoyment of all campers, particularly families with children. 

“A portion of the campsite has been designated as an alcohol- free zone for this holiday period, as part of the family friendly area of the campsite. The alcohol -free zone is marked out from the toilet blocks in the back camping area,” WaterNSW Catchment Manager Mary Knowles said.

“This area allows us to designate a special area to families with children and those campers who wish to enjoy a section of the Bendeela campsite away from the consumption of alcohol. Families will be free to camp anywhere in the camp ground and can choose the family friendly area or alcohol-free zones if they wish.

“Visitors to the site will also be asked to only use their cars after dusk if essential, to help keep wildlife and other campers safe.”

WaterNSW has employed additional security on site at Bendeela for the duration of the holidays, with security on site 24 hours a day. There is a security hut located in the back camping area and one at the front, and also security who will roam the site. WaterNSW staff will also be on site as well during the busy periods over the Christmas and January holidays.

Visitors to the site are reminded to take appropriate water safety measures such as avoiding alcohol around water, never swimming alone, wearing life jacket and learning life saving skills. For more information about water safety, visit and

Visitors arriving at the site will also be reminded that we share Bendeela with the native wildlife, like wombats, who call this area home. Signage onsite will assist campers in taking care of the Bare-nosed wombats that call Bendeela home.

Campers who are anti-social, which includes making excessive noise after 9pm, drinking excessively, disturbing other campers or affecting the security and enjoyment of other campers or wildlife, will be asked to leave the campsite.

The rear camping area will remain open for the whole holiday period, with the back gates closing at 12 noon, 30 January 2016.

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